Available courses

1. Welcome & History of Recipe for Success Foundation

2. Understanding Obesity in America

3. Robert Wood Johnson Recommendations for Combatting Childhood Obesity

4. The State of School Lunch in America

5. How Recipe for Success Foundation Fits into the Solution

Exam 1

6. Building Better Bodies with Nutrition

7. Planting the Seed

8. Planning and Building Your Recipe Garden

9. Taking it To The Plate

10. Your Culinary Classroom

11. Equipment Needs for your Garden & Kitchen Classrooms

12. Safety in the Culinary Classroom

13. Budgets 

14. Creating Synergy Between the Garden & Kitchen

Exam 2                                                                              

15. Running a Successful S2P Class in the Garden

16. Recipe Garden Lessons

17. Making Recipe Garden Lessons Work for Your Students 

18. Adapting Recipe Garden Lessons for Indoors

19. Sample Cooking Class with Visiting Chef

20. Planning Culinary Lessons

21. Making Culinary Classes Work for Your Students 

22. Adapting Core Classes for Higher Frequency 

23. Creating the Full S2P Experience

24. Recruiting and Supporting Your Volunteers

25. Classroom Management

26. Establishing a Campus-wide Culture of Health

27. Overcoming Obstacles and Dealing with Difficult Personalities

28. Support Materials from Recipe for Success Foundation 

29. Recipe for Success Central Office REsources

Exam 4 

Congratulations & Next Steps